{celebrating the birth of my favorite individual road trip style with improvised cake + copious amounts of candles}

If ever there was a Friday to proclaim TGIF, for me this would be it.  With the dental school semester in the rearview, I am happy to be blogging again and even happier to officially start summer with a three-day weekend.  Since this post should really be titled Friday Five(Months), here are a few highlights from the past few… Here’s to a Memorial Day filled with remembrance, relaxation, and cherry popsicles – happy weekend, everyone!

IMG 587

{the prolongation of no-shave November}


{enjoying verdi’s requiem at the symphony preceded by this unexpectedly good butter bean hummus from underground 119}


{welcome to the fam, Chaco girl}

articulator cast

{friday trivia: which mccormick sister do these belong to?}


{Thanksgiving circa 1993}

The Thanksgiving holiday this year was exactly what I needed: familiar and cathartic.  We celebrated last weekend with Don’s family then enjoyed the official “turkey day” and long weekend with the extended McCormick clan, making the holiday happiness flow all week long and keeping my appetite for quintessential southern comfort food perpetually satiated.  I came back to school with a happy heart and refreshed perspective, all signs of a good break indeed.

Over the past few weeks, I made it my pointed November mission to enter a season of thankfulness all month long.  In the hecticness of everyday life, it is so easy to overlook all the little joys and blessings intertwined with simply living and I find my outlook is much more positive when I step back from my “to-do” list and quite literally count my blessings, both big and small.

Throughout the weekend I found myself much more perceptive of the little things: the perfection of my grandmother’s chicken and dumplings, the chilly air and crunchy red leaves, the hearty laughter of cousins.  I was thankful for long hugs and happy stories, particularly of 3 little girls clad in pilgrim attire sewn by our mother, watching the Macy’s parade and eager to show off the homemade candy-adorned gingerbread turkey we so excitedly helped mom create to fellow lunch goers.

I hope everyone had a wonderful holiday that was exactly what you needed.  Here’s to Christmas music and the invasion of fruit cake… and keeping a thankful heart all year round. -xx-


The season of Laura and Mason’s engagement was such a special time filled with an abundance of excitement, love, and celebration.  Now that things have slowed down a bit and the newlyweds have settled into married life, I find myself constantly reminiscing with my sisters about all the fun we had leading up Laura’s “big day”.  One of the most memorable parties during her engagement was her bridal shower in our hometown – in true Southern fashion, it was an afternoon filled with perfectly crisp cucumber sandwiches, gorgeous flowers, and, best of all, sharing the excitement of her upcoming marriage with so many wonderful ladies, many who have known us our entire lives.  Thank you so much to all the gracious hostesses and guests that made this afternoon so very memorable!


{hello, bride}



{china check : pottery barn “caroline” dinnerware }


{flower girls make the best helpers}


{I look forward to eating some very delicious sister-prepared meals off this china}


{my shower gift to the couple : I picked the flourish framing the monogram to match the calligraphy on their wedding invitations}


{hostess gifts : freshly baked 36-hour chocolate chip cookies, aka the only chocolate chip cookie recipe you will ever need to know how to make for the}




{my job for the afternoon : gift recorder extraordinaire}


{groomy checking out some waterford goblets}


{wedding bells still echo in the air}

I, along with an incredibly spot-on Anne Shirley, am “so glad to live in a world where there are Octobers.” With every crunchy leaf and ethereal breeze, I have become officially entranced by the beauty of fall in the south and find myself reminded daily why I look forward to this season all year long.  October has been a “big” month — Laura and Mason got married (!), the dental school end-of-semester light has come into view, and Don and I have still managed to get away for several weekend adventures despite the hecticness of it all.

Other weekly notables include finishing LOST on Netflix, a Friday night appetizer-turned-dinner of salty boiled peanuts fresh from the farmer’s market, and attempting to not eat all my Halloween candy before the trick-or-treaters arrive tomorrow night.  Here’s to a week of candy corn oreos and pets dressed like Miley Cyrus… Happy (almost) Halloween!


{sisters : officially one mrs, two misses}

green apples

{brightening my coffee table with simple + delicious fall decor}


{only a decade late hopping on this bandwagon… I miss you already, Jack and Kate}


{adding white chocolate to your PSL = total gamechanger}

lake weekend5

Since Independence Day also doubles as my dad’s birthday, my family always makes an effort to celebrate extra sufficiently.  Don and I lionized the actual 4th in (moderately) traditional fashion with fireworks over the water and a sushi picnic, then joined my family for a weekend of eating/relaxing/water sports cajoling at our lake house.

Weekend highlights include an afternoon paddle with my dad, Mason’s infamous “bug bomb”, and the seemingly never-ending pan of garlic cheese grits that graced the fridge.  In acknowledgement of my inability to ever make it through an entire movie, I am happy to report I stayed wide-eyed through not one, but two, drippingly feminine flicks, keeping true to my styrofoam penned contract above and scarring every male in attendance with a midnight viewing of Kirstie Alley’s “Drop Dead Gorgeous”.

I hope everyone had a fun holiday relishing the simplicities of summer and finding time to lounge around enjoying what and who you love!  Now let’s go scoff some coffee and bars….. #gladysleeman


{lake weekend + bright new boats}

Happy (almost over) summer!  The past few weeks have been filled with the obligatory nuances of the season : lots travel, relaxation, and attempting to withstand the wilting Mississippi heat.   Highlights of this week include early morning paddles, an afternoon of petit four making, and a fun trip antiquing in Atlanta.  Here’s to a few more weeks of sleeping late and popsicles – have a great weekend, everyone!


{a fun day of Target shopping and StarKiss eating}


{vintage pool balls : an unexpectedly cool decorating touch}

cupcake popcorn

{deliciously addictive cupcake popcorn}


{new buckhead fav : white + italian sausage #trustme}


{bright birthday daffodils}

Friday Five… on a Wednesday.  With only a month of school left, I’m finding in the midst of the end-of-semester hecticness I rarely know what day it is anyway (joking…partially), a theme I am quite sure echos through my sporadic writing here.  Over the past few weeks, I turned another year older, drilled about 100 ivorine teeth preparations, and studied far more gross anatomy than I care to admit.  Clearly, my life is burgeoning with excitement…

Thankfully, spring break brought its obligatory dose of relaxation, leaving me with a stack of relished hardbacks and a lesson in effectively bating a fishing hook.  Here’s to a week of (finally) no-jacket-required weather and leftover Easter candy!

fishing yoyo

{fish beware}


{celebrating seester getting her white coat!}


{lake time : his + hers reading material}


{surprise birthday weekend in Chattanooga with my favorite guy}

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